Best Friend Goals at Weddings

Weddings are a special day for many people. Of course, for the couple and their families. But also for the friends that support and cherish the couple. Weddings don’t only celebrate romantic love and commitment, they also about enjoying the love between best friends. During this past wedding season, we got to work with many of the best friends who helped make wedding days so special, and we want to celebrate them!

Best friend officiating your wedding.
Always there to lift each other up… 
Photo by Kari Herer

…and are ready to jump to their friend’s side. 

Photo by Kari Herer
Always there to make the best memories…
Photo by Cait Bourgault

…and save those memories for a lifetime. 

Photo by Cait Bourgault

We love seeing the pervasive joy between couples, families, and friends. How would you want your best friend to be involved in your wedding? We love hearing your stories and unique ideas for sharing the day with your BFF. 

Special thanks to Kari Hererand Cait Bourgaultfor capturing these moments. 

We can't wait to get to know you!