Parents at Weddings

Is it a coincidence that both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fall during our Maine Wedding Season? We think not, as there is no better time to celebrate Mom and Dad! As any bride or groom knows, a lot goes into the dreaming, planning and prepping of a wedding. Parents play an essential role in supporting, helping, and loving during the process. 

Of course, weddings are one of the most special days of a bride or groom’s life – but seeing their child get happily married may be one of the most special days of a parents’ life too. The moments when parents and children come together to honor this transition are often some of the most touching moments of the day. From walking the bride down the aisle, to parent dances, and heartwarming toasts, parents help to make the day special. 

A Father’s first glance. Photo by Closer North
Tearing up the dance floor with Dad. Photo by Jessie Dineen
Saying yes to the dress with Mom. Photo by Kari Herer

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